Turning the Heart of a Nation's Christians Back to GOD
       There are so many voices out here clamoring for your attention that it is really hard to know which one is the truth. I wish there was an easier way to discern. But, maybe that is the point. Maybe it isn't supposed to be easy. Maybe you are supposed to work at it. The Bible and prayer are a must for every Christian.
​        The founder and director of Bless God America has been given a gift from God. That gift is a simple message for His people. Perhaps "gift" isn't the word he would use. It is a burden for seeing the people of God following the precepts of God, rather than the teachings of men.
         Pastor Newland would be the first to tell you that he has no credentials. He has no ​status or position that would make you even pay attention to him. He would tell you that he is not a remarkable man. We would disagree with him. But, that is what he would tell you.
          The message in the book, If My People: The Saving of America, and the vision for this ministry, are straight out of the Bible and straight from the heart of GOD. For those of us who are praying and seeking, what the Holy Spirit has been telling us is what Ross has put into writing.
​​           Pastor Newland is like a fish swimming against the current. Maybe like an individual stepping in front of a runaway train trying to stop it. Too many of our Christians leaders are leading us to follow men on a path that is leading us rapidly away from God.
           As Christians, JESUS has given us a specific series of things to do. Those things are part of a perfect plan of God to subdue the evil that is around us. If we do those things, then God will be with us and very pleased to pour out blessings on His people and the nation they live in. We should do those things.
           However, we are being lead to do things that JESUS never told us to do. Things that add to a perfect plan of God. Things that tell God we think we know better than He does. This action is hubris and pride and arrogance. They take a perfect plan of God and make it not perfect. ​​We should not do those things.
​           The book, the blog, and our Facebook page help to define the difference between what is and what should be and point to the very real truth of what could be and what aught not to be.
           We hope you will buy the book. Read the book. Join us. Right now​, no one is really listening. With your help and support, Bless God America will become a group of people large enough, and loud enough, to turn this train around and head it back towards the God of our salvation.
           Without faith, it is impossible to please Him. Only the people of faith can please Him. Only the people of faith​ can bring the blessings of God. It is the people of faith who are being chastised. It is the people of faith who must repent and bring the blessings of God back to the church and the nations.